There could be various reasons you’ve been wanting to remodel the kitchen, or the bathroom. For some its just time to update and make changes, for others its about increasing the value of the home. The amount of money spent on home renovations is on the rise again, it rose by 7.5% in 2018.

This is good news for homeowners looking to justify a remodel. The important part, is knowing what to update and to make sure you get a proper ROI(return on investment). Sometimes homeowners will splurge on unnecessary projects and wonder why they didn’t increase the value of their home. To avoid this, its best to do research and consult with professionals.

Good tools for researching include and these both put out reports annually to show the trends and the most promising projects for ROI.

The best interior projects to increase value in the home are Kitchen upgrades/renovations and bathroom renovations. As for the exterior of your house new roofing, decks and garage doors are the best choices.

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